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DeadSpace47's Profile Picture
Greetings and welcome here ladies and gentlemen
Just a person who tries to make art (but l'm sure l fail at it)
l don't have experience at all but l try to make art
l also find hard to try to do art because of mood or being afraid of making a bad art, maybe because l want to make it perfect. Maybe that's why l find hard to do art
But l love to hear advice from people
Also l'm learning programming and l wish one day l could make video games especially a game starring the one and only:Widowmaker(Amélie Lacroix)
My art is poorly made l know, l try to get better but there is something keeps me from trying
Yeah this is a poor bio and l apologize, for now that is
And yes l really love Widowmaker
One last thing: Thank you kindly if you like, favorite or watch any of my art and if you give me badges, never thought of seeing the day. l don't know if l can comment on your profile saying "thank you" but l'll try
If you want to add me in Steam, sure go ahead but please tell me the reason
And yes, l really love Widowmaker and Widowtracer art especially if it's romantic art
Looks like l'll be in University for 4 years, it will be hard making posters or anything while in University. l'm sad but will never forget


A strange idea but it was accomplished  by from 3 friends As De Pique, his inspirational suggestion  of posing, Sini for helping me on a moderate problem l couldn't manage to do, Zestalicious for lighting tips. Without them, l highly doubt l could do it so big thanks to them!
Do note: l'm not a fan of Pepsi, l just thought of this  idea because Widowmaker's Tricolore skin color really reminded me of Pepsi
The Spy with the Aston Martin Vanquish
Something that came from playing James Bond games, they're quite fun
Thanks  to all my friends who have helped throughout the making of this artwork, still learning but thanks to them, l'm getting more used to this
Though unfortunately, something bad happened and l had to delay this or rather neglect
WidowTracer up against the wall
Rookie Lena Oxton (Call sign:Tracer) is assigned a high-risk mission behind Talon's lines to spy on Amélie Lacroix's (Call sign:Widowmaker) new brainwashed behaviour and to sabotage any  possible Talon's projects. With her time powers and unmatched enthusiasm, she departs for the mission but she got caught by Widowmaker's web. Now, up against the wall, can Tracer elude the deadly assassin? The 
circumstances got  a bit intimate with the two ladies but Tracer discovered that the brainwash on  Amélie was inefficient when confronted by romantic intentions. Both ladies though developed a crush on each other. It could be the beauty and charm of the assassin or cuteness and zeal of the Rookie? Perhaps both?
The Superspy
From the unappreciated and inimitable "No one lives forever" series. l'm sure most doesn't even know about the game but since l played them both recently l tried to make something with Cate Archer. Problem was the models were very limited in options, very much so. And probably my inexperience in this field of SFM art making made  worse. Also since she is unknown the art is uninteresting to most but l wanted to try something new. Still l wanted to thank my friends that helped me by giving advice. Now l better hide before someone says "What the heck is this unknown thing". One last thing, l should advise you to play this "diamond in the rough" series

 Now l should get back to making my  Widowmaker art ;) 
Well how l can start, this is a message l asked somewhere but l don't know where l should go for directions. l don't even know where to start but l post it if you know anything. It will be hugely appreaciated 

So l had a long question and l don't know if people know how to do it and if it even possible
It's possible if l could take models and/or weapons from a game? l have the No One Lives For forever 2 installed and there are files that have the models and they're in LTB and DTX. It's possible to take the models and port them to SFM or Blender or Gmod?
like if l could take this model since it isn't… 
or this…
May 6 2017
Darn it
Really don't know why this is happening
l try to make art and finish it but each time l play a game, either time passes too fast or l somehow don't have the mood to make art. l try to listen to my favorite video game music to  fix my mood but at the same time l watch art to inspire me. But there is another but( they always is) and that is when l look Widowmaker it saddens me that l just sit around and waste time  where l could  make my own  art myself and since it saddens me it makes me weak. Adding further insult to injury l have school and most importantly exams in a less than a month and they're the top priority
l am indeed stuck between a rock and a hard place

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Well l get discouraged when making due my inexperience in models, lighting and such, there is more. l do it with feeling and help from my friends, l always ask them for advice  but it's difficult when various friends have different standards and it gets my mood down due some being "perfectionist"
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